Available Scripts

The Florida Man Conspiracy

Comedy Feature

When Russian gangsters kidnap their emotional support chicken as payback for their fake Florida Man posts that are bizarrely similar to real-life events, four college students must find a way to get her back for her paid appearance at a New Year’s Eve influencer party and convince their University not to expel them. 

Twitter: @MFloofington 

The Florida Man Conspiracy -1-24.pdf

Iron Phallus

Animated Adult Comedy Series Pilot

When Steve, a shy and nerdy scientist at a secret government lab, has a horrific groin-related accident his penis turns into a talking, foul-mouthed phallus named Darius. The two must team up to defeat celibacy and stop an evil villain who takes everyone at the lab hostage.

Check out ironphallus.com for more on Darius and his antics.

Instagram: iron_phallus

Twitter: @Iron_Phallus


Horror Comedy Short

When four frat boys create an intelligent robot that becomes radicalized on YouTube and goes on a killing spree, they find help from an unexpected source.


Ancient Ice

Horror Short

When deadly creatures infest a remote research station, the scientists must find a way to survive 5 months until they can be rescued. 

Ancient Ice 5-14-23.pdf